Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find the answers to some popular questions here, however, if you require additional or more detailed information

Planning a Burial

Yes. If the family prefer a particular spot or they simply require a larger plot, they can purchase a Double Plot. Single Plots or Ashes Plots for the cremated remains of one individual are also available. A single coffin interment may take place in the centre of a Double Plot, if desired.

Yes, our plots can be prepared to a double depth to accommodate two people.

Relatives can be buried together at separate times if a couple plot was purchased initially. If a couple plot was not purchased but there is a free lair beside the first buried, then the relative can go in beside.

If the space next to loved one is free, then it can be reserved by purchasing that plot.

No. Coffins can be of any wood e.g. oak, pine, willow, bamboo or cardboard. The only request we make is that as it is a natural woodland we would rather non-metallic handles were used and plastic products avoided.

No we don’t offer coffins and we are happy for you or your funeral director to provide a coffin, as long as we can OK it first. We can provide details of a selection of coffins for sale which we know are fully biodegradable. (Some so-called biodegradable coffins have plastic liners, or are made from chipboard).

We welcome people of all denominations and also of non-denomination.

Yes. A service can, with the agreement of your respective clergy, be held before coming to Binning Memorial Wood for interment. Alternatively, a service can be held at the graveside by a member of the clergy. The grave can also be blessed by a member of the clergy if you wish. Some people choose not to involve the clergy of any denomination but prefer to hold their own service, with their own words. This can be held at the graveside or at a venue of your choice.

Yes. We offer Ashes Plots for cremated remains to be buried. All we ask is that the ashes are held in a biodegradable container, unless they are being scattered.

Plots vary in price according to type and location in Binning Memorial Woodland. View our prices

Yes we work closely with several reputable local funeral directors. View the list here

Not at present, but there are a number of flexible facilities close by, including hotels, pubs, tea rooms and a village hall. We can provide more details on request.

Official planning policies are particularly restrictive as to the types of permitted development of land that has been used for burials. The company has a lease of the site for 100 years, i.e. at least 3 generations. When the memorial space is full, it is intended that the land will revert to natural woodland and will be placed under long-term protection and preservation.

It varies from one or two people up to 80 to 100.


There are no time limits, it can take as long as you require

Graves may be marked with a memorial stone if desired. We will arrange the supply and engraving of the stone. Binning Wood Memorial stone application forms are available on request.

Marking a grave is a personal choice. All grave locations will be electronically tagged and recorded on a digital plan. Our office holds information relating to each grave on the digital plan and will help you to locate it. New graves will have logs placed on two sides which will be left in position for three months to allow time for families to arrange for a memorial if required. At the end of this period the logs will be taken away to allow the grave to blend into the woodland floor.

Yes. More people than ever are sorting out their arrangements before they die to protect their families from making difficult decisions at the time of death.

This ensures everyone’s wishes are taken into account.

Attending a Burial

There is a toilet available during services, however it isn’t open for use on non-service days.

You are welcome to put flowers down or plant wild flowers. As a long term measure we would suggest planting snowdrops on the lair. We can provide native plants and bulbs on request and are happy for the family to arrange planting these themselves.

On service days, you can drive into the wood where a parking area will be signposted. If you require disable parking, please make yourself known to the parking attendant at the gate and they will direct you to a suitable parking space.

Visit Binning

Binning Memorial Wood is open during daylight hours.

You are welcome to plant wild flowers. As a long term measure we would suggest planting snowdrops on the lair. 

Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a short lead. Please show particular respect during services.

Yes, there is a carpark at the gates.

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