Trees in Binnng Wood

Green Burial - The Concept

Green Burial, sometimes called natural or woodland burial, is the increasingly popular, environmentally sound alternative to the traditional cemetery.

The funeral of a loved one is always a time of sadness and grief, but by making this choice you are giving something back to the earth.

The Green Burial grounds at Binning Wood are carefully managed to ensure they provide a woodland sanctuary and a thriving nature reserve for generations to come. The burial process is designed to respect both the deceased and the surroundings, so caskets and coffins are made only from bio-degradable materials to minimise any environmental impact. And for those who prefer cremation, Binning Memorial Wood accepts cremated remains.

Many people choose green burial because it offers the ultimate in flexibility. Some choose to employ the services of a funeral director, while others prefer a greater level of personal involvement which adds a therapeutic element to the grieving process and can ensure significant cost savings.

Normal management practices will continue sensitively at Binning Memorial Wood and the absence of fences will ensure it retains its natural appearance. Most people choose a small inscribed stone to mark an interment.

Lairs can be selected within a choice of plots or, alternatively, specific glades can be reserved for families, with a maximum of two interments allowed per Lair.

Our staff can provide advice on best practice, the range of choices available and on how to arrange a very personal service.

For more detailed information please refer to our terms and conditions, available on request or contact us directly.

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